Serving with Love and Excellence: The Foundation of an Exceptional Experience


A few years ago, Christiana Care Health System decided as an organization to make a culture change. They would simply no longer be a health care system, but, a system that impacts health.  

To start this change, they looked at their values and mission. Their mission was an incredible foundation: we serve our neighbors as respectful, expert, caring partners in their health. The values had to be aligned with their culture change. They then created values and behaviors that aligned with their hearts. Since the implementation, there has been no turning back!


Denise B. Barbee
Director, Patient and Family Relations
Christiana Care Health System

Tracy Bell 
Sr. Project Manager, Patient Experience
Christiana Care Health System

Denise B. Barbee, MJ, BSN, RN

After 15 years of practicing in Coronary Critical Care, Denise transitioned into another form of providing care-Patient Advocacy Leadership.  With the goal of providing an exceptional experience for every patient, every day, Denise focuses on the empowerment of all caregivers.  This level of engagement drives to deliver not only the care but the human connection for the community in which Christiana Care serves.  
Denise leads a team of 6 Patient Relations Specialists and an Operations Coordinator.

Tracy Bell, MBA, PMP 

After almost 10 years with the Johns Hopkins Health System and the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute, Tracy joined Christiana Care’s Patient Experience team over 8 months ago.  In her previous roles, she led many projects which included Language of Caring, Clinical Customer Service program, RL Solutions Patient Feedback, Patient and Family Advisory Councils, Pain Control and Comfort Menu, and multiple others. Since joining Christiana Care, Tracy has worked with teams on Press Ganey, NarrativeDx, New Employee Orientation, RL Solutions Patient Feedback/Risk/Peer Review modules, No Pass Zone, and many others. 

Date: Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
Time: 1pm - 2pm EST