Using RL6 to Drive Enterprise Risk Management

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After assessing multiple systems of records for various safety events across all of Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW), the question of how to create an integrated enterprise risk management solutions for the entire region arose.

Combining the needs and requirements of each department as well as front-line staff and executives, KPNW began the process of defining enterprise risk management and a new vision for safety management and transparency for all of KPNW.

This webinar will walk the audience through the process KPNW took to implement RL6:Risk and how the organization was able to break down historical silos to create a interconnected platform for previous disparate departments, such as risk management, environmental & workplace safety, human resources and regional security.


  • Understand the scope, challenges, and vendor selection process KPNW worked through in pursuit of a new vision of safety management.
  • How KNPW worked with the RL Solutions team to design and shape the system to meet and connect the various needs across the organization.
  • A chance to ask questions and learn about the various ways KPNW overcame cross-departmental challenges through the RL6:Risk system.