Closing The Loop with Peer Review


Do you ever struggle to ensure that there’s follow-through on your peer review recommendations? 
Gundersen Health System, a teaching hospital with multiple regional sites, faced that exact challenge. With the help of RL6:PeerReview they rolled out a new case outcome scoring system and process to close the loop on peer review action items. 

Join us to discuss:

  • The challenges they faced with follow-ups in the previous system 
  • How they’ve worked to develop processes to hold chairs and attendings accountable to follow through on recommendations
  • How the changes to their peer review process have led to increased clarity and consistency and allowed them to streamline their goals focus on best practices and preventing future harm 

We’ll also be joined by our Product Manager for RL6:PeerReview, who will share the latest developments in the product. 


Gabby Hansen
Risk Management Specialist
Gundersen Health System
Lynn Fortun
Peer Review Coordinator
Gundersen Health System

Gabby has been at Gundersen Health System for seven years, in roles spanning from CNA to critical care nurse. As nurse screener and RL system admin for RL6:PeerReview, Gabby uses her clinical experience to work with providers and risk managers as she investigates cases that meet peer review criteria and highlights opportunities for education.

Lynn has been at Gundersen Health System longer than peer review has! She is the brains behind the program and has coordinated it for the last eight years. She has assisted peer review in expanding from paper charts to an electronic database. As an admin for RL6:PeerReview and as the coordinator of the program, she is focused on keeping the health system compliant with Peer Review protection. 

Date: Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
Time: 1pm - 2pm EST